One of the unique qualities that separates us from the many capable construction companies in North Alabama is the importance we place on strong relationships with our clients. Hard work, clear communication and honest practices are why many of our clients have been with us since the origination of our company.

Pearce Construction has extensive experience in producing quality construction, even on a congested site, while maintaining normal operations. These congested-site projects have been constructed under traditional lump sum contracts as well as  under cost-plus contracts (with or without a GMP.) Many have been built on a fast-track basis and many have been built as a partner in a design/build team.

Pearce Construction Company, Inc. truly is a “local contractor”. While work is performed all over north Alabama, Pearce Construction Company’s primary focus is on Madison, Morgan, and Limestone counties along with Jackson, Marshall, and Cullman counties. By specializing in a defined geographical area, we can provide superior quality and cost control. With our projects close at hand, Pearce’s principals are easily able to stay more actively involved in project management. They can offer first hand help and advice to the project management team, and if necessary, are able to visit projects several times a day. After more than 30 years, we have developed relationships with most major subcontractors in North Alabama which enables us to draw upon a very large pool of resources when bidding work. Prior to soliciting sub-contractor bids, we review our list of potential bidders in as much detail as desired by the owner and architect. We also eliminate or add any bidders recommended by either party. Once bids are received and reviewed for a complete scope of work, we present the results to the owner and architect for final approval before award.


Pearce Construction has had many opportunities to implement cost control and cost reduction methods for numerous clients as a part of the pre-construction services it performed for these clients.

Cost Control, Cost Reduction, and Value Engineering provide an avenue to enable essential functions at a lower total cost. Value = Function or performance / Cost. Value may also be accomplished by improving function without added cost.  Many components can impact Value when referring to Cost Control, Reduction, or Value Engineering. The most common are 1-First costs (capital costs), 2-Life-Cycle Cost, 3-Design-Time, 4-Maintainability 5-Decision Time and 6-Long Range Planning.  These decisions must be made as a team during design in order to maximize value.  This is why it is so critical for begin this process as early as possible.

A recent example of this process was the work we did on the new McNair/Jemison school.  The project was around $65 million in construction cost and the program had grown to the point that the owner (Huntsville City Schools) needed to find areas in the construction to save money.  Pearce Construction Company was hired to perform a series of progressive cost evaluations along with cost management/value engineering recommendations. Pearce compiled the data and options but the process took place over the entire design of the project.  This process involved the entire design team, the owner, specialty consultants, and Pearce Construction Company.  In the end, when bids were opened, the low bid was within less than 1% of the projected construction cost.

Pearce Construction Company, Inc. Cost Reduction:

Alternative design schemes.  Evaluation of the initial costs of alternative systems, along with their impact (if any) on construction schedule, product life cycle, and potential operating costs allow the design team and owner to make informed decisions.

Cost control and value engineering.  During the budgeting process as design progresses, we watch for areas where costs are exceeding what our historical cost data suggest are typical.  This allows review of these areas to determine the driver of the costs and, when necessary, changes to the design to mitigate the above average costs.

Evaluation of phasing (if required).  At times, the program requirements envisioned may exceed the funds currently available to the project.  We work with the Owner and Design Team to help develop an economical and feasible project phasing.  The initial construction needs to match a logical phasing of the Owner’s program.  At the same time, the phasing should be evaluated to eliminate, or at least minimize cost premiums resulting from future phases and ensure the future phases are feasible once the original construction is completed.


These services are only a part of the pre-construction services we offer. A more complete outline of our construction services is listed on our Services page